About Us

Who we are:

We are a worldwide operating network of trainers, coaches and consultants.
We have been exposed to various cultures through our international assignments.
We are working in a multinational environment.

Where we are:

We are spread all over the world – that enables us to train, coach and consult “at home” but also “abroad”.

What we believe in:

We believe in the strength of learning from practitioners.
We are practitioners working for different companies, such as SAP, SAS, betterplace, Barclays covering various industries such as IT, education, finance, public sector, government, NGO’s.
We believe in the importance of soft skills, namely intercultural communication skills.
We believe that our business life can be smoother and less nerve-racking by applying intercultural communication skills. By doing so our work life is much easier and more fun.
And we feel that we can strive, perform and focus outstandingly.

What we share:

We share insight of our culture.
We enable you to understand why we are doing things the way we do.
We share what we expect from foreign partners; so that you will feel prepared to do business on an international scale successfully.
You will outperform your competitors by applying your new skill and know how.
You will see and feel that it can be fun and rewarding to work in a cross-cultural environment.